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If you really want to be a blessing to this ministry, the best thing you can do for us to to pray for us on a daily basis. We need God's touch as we study God's Word and as we prepare and present the messages He gives.


Thoughts and Ramblings

April 2005

April 11, 2005

We had a great day in the Lord's house yesterday. I hope you did as well at your house of worship.

Friends, we need your prayers! Calvary Baptist Church in Lenoir, NC, is meeting for revival this week. Please pray that God will use our guest speaker, Brother Rick Safriet, in a mighty and glorious fashion. I know that no preacher can bring revival; but I also know that God can send His Word to change our hearts, thus making a move of God possible.

If there was ever a day when our churches needed God to move in power and glory it is now. Our nation is progressing faster and farther down the slippery slopes of humanism, secularism and materialism. Our nation needs to see God move! But, I am convinced that for that to happen; God must first move among His people. I am also comvinced that His people must be open and prepared for such a move. Pray that Calvary Baptist Church will be that people this week.

Thank you for your prayers and for your faithfulness to the things of God. Have a great day in Jesus!

Firmly in HIS Grip,
Brother Alan

April 12, 2005

Brother Rick Safriet brought a powerful message last evening. He preached from 2 Chronicles 17 and talked about Jehoshaphat's refusal to walk in the "doings of Israel." The message was very timely and was used of the Lord in a wonderful manner. Click here to listen to this sermon. Please continue to pray for our meeting. We need the Lord to touch us in revival.

What are you reading these days? I have just started, again, "The Gospel According To Jesus," by John MacArthur. It is a great book with a message that is very much needed in these days. I am also reading a book called "The Great Influenza." This book chronicles the influenza outbreak of 1918 that took the lives of tens of millions of people worldwide. Scary stuff, especially when you consider that the same thing could take place in our time. I just praise the Lord that we serve a sovereign God!

Regardless of where the path of your life takes you today; I encourage you to remember that you will never walk alone! God bless!

Brother Alan


April 13, 2005

What a service we had last evening! The Lord moved in power and touched may hearts for His great glory. The youth choir from Central Baptist Church in Kannapolis, NC came and supplied the music for the service. Those young people are a blessing! They love the Lord and are not ashamed to show it! I appreciate their Student Pastor, Brother Jim Grigg. Thanks for being part of our meeting Brother Jim! Brother Rick then preached from 1 Peter 1:6-7 on the subject "Our Caring Lord." God anointed the preaching and many, many people found help in the altars during and after the preaching. It was a tremendous night in the Lord! Click here to listen to this sermon.

I am always amazed at the grace of God. To think that He would meet with people like us and let us enjoy His Spirit and His Word is a blessing too great for words. I praise His name that He saved me by His grace; that He keeps me by His power and that He allows me to enjoy His sweet presence as I make the journey toward glory. Hallelujah, what a Savior!

Please keep praying for our meeting. The Lord is moving and I am grateful. Still, there is much that needs to be done at Calvary Baptist and in my own heart. I hope you have a great day in the Lord!

Brother Alan

April 14, 2005

Another great service last night! The choir from Poplar Springs Baptist Church in Taylorsville, NC, where Brother Rick Safriet is Pastor, came and sang in the meeting. Brother Rick preached from Joshua 3 about "A Pass Over People." He reminded us from that passage that "A Pass Over People" is a people who:
I. Are Willing To Change
II. Are Willing To Follow The Lord
III. Are Willing To Follow The Man Of God
IV. Are Pure In Relation To God And One Another
V. Who Believe In Tomorrow
It was a tremendous message and I will try to post it tomorrow morning. Here it is: Click here to listen to the sermon.

Thank God for the preaching of the Word of God! I love good singing! It moves the heart and helps prepare folks for the preaching. But there's is nothing in this world like an anointed man of God opening the Word of God and preaching it in the power of the Holy Ghost! Thank God for preachers. Thank God for preaching.

You know, there's two kinds of preachers that make me want to preach: those who can preach and those who can't preach. This week I have been listening to a man who can preach; and I am itching to get up there and do it too.

Please keep praying for us. The Lord is moving and we are getting some help. Praise His name!

Brother Alan

April 15, 2005

Well, the meeting finished on a high note last night. Brother Safriet preached from Nehemiah chapter 10 on the subject of commitment. He talked about faithfulness to the house of god; commitment to the people of God; obedience to the Lord in our living and our giving. It was a tremendous message of challenge to the people of God. I appreciate men like Brother Rick; men who are faithful to preach "the whole counsel of the Word" without fear, favor or compromise. It was a great week of meeting! I will get the last two audios uploaded as soon as possible. Here is the last sermon: Click here to listen.

Men, Sunday is coming! I hope you are preparing a feast for the people of God. I trust that He will bless you and help you to preach in His power for His glory in His house on His day. I hope everyone of you have a word from the Lord to preach to His precious people. May the Lord bless you as you faithfully stand and preach with His touch on your life. Praise the name of the Lord, it is good to be saved!

Saved and sure,
Brother Alan

April 18, 2005

We had a good day of worship yesterday at Calvary Baptist Church. The Lord helped us in both services. It is always a great blessing when the Lord shows up in His glory and moves in His power!

Our new Associate Pastor of Children and Youth had his first session with our young people after the evening service. His name is Josh Hinson, and he and his wife Christen and their son Camdyn come to us from Buford's Grove Baptist Church in Hilliard Florida, where Brother Curtis Harrington is the Pastor. If you are interested, you can find Brother Josh's web site here: http://www.josh.preachersweb.org/ Please pray for Brother Josh as he works with our children and our youth. Calvary has had a youth program for years; but there has never been a program involving children. So, children and parents alike are excited and looking for the Lord to do some great things. Brother Josh had 26 children in his first meeting! Praise the Lord!

Well, I covet your prayers this week as I begin a meeting at Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church in Morganton, NC. I am trusting the Lord to do some great things for us in this meeting. I will try to keep you updated as the meeting progresses. Again, thank you for your prayers and for your continued support of this ministry.

Firmly In HIS Grip,
Alan Carr

April 19, 2005

The first service at Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church went well. There was a good crowd and a good move in the altar after the preaching. I am grateful to the Lord for His help and for His blessings as we try to stand and declare the Word of God. Several folks from Gilead Baptist Church were also in the meeting. I pastored that church for over 15 years; I love and miss the people there. Their new Pastor, Brother Danny Salyer and his family, was also in the service. I like that brother's spirit and I am glad that God sent Gilead Baptist a special and precious man of God. Well, it was good to see old friends and to preach in a new pulpit. Please continue to pray for the meeting. I would love to see the Lord do something big in our presence this week.

I don't know about you, but I am glad to be saved! Last night, as I was preaching, I touched on a place in the Bible named Gilgal. That word means "rolling." As you probably know, Gilgal was the place Israel first camped when they crossed the Jordan and entered the Promised Land of Canaan. In that place, the men born in the wilderness were circumcised; they kept the Passover for the first time in 40 years; and God rolled away the reproach of Egypt. It was as if God was telling Joshua and the children of Israel, "You are in a new place now and your past does not matter anymore. I have taken away all the reproach of your wilderness days. I have rolled your past away forever." I tell you, that thrills my soul! I remember the day when God rolled my past away forever. I remember the time when Jesus came into my life; saved me by His wonderful, matchless grace and changed my life! What a day! Now, praise His name, my past is gone and it will never be brought up against me anymore! I say "Hallelujah! Bless His good Name!"

Do you remember a Gilgal moment in your life? If you do, take some time today to get down before the Lord and praise Him for what He has done in saving your soul. Folk, it is great to be saved! Hallelujah!

Standing On The Rock
Brother Alan

April 20, 2005

We had a great service last evening at Pleasant Ridge Baptist in Morganton, NC. I can't remember when I have had such liberty when I preached the Word. God moved during the preaching and during the altar call. A great number of people sought help from the Lord in His presence. He surely is a good and a gracious God. Praise His Name!

I preached from Psalm 103:1-5. In that passage, David calls upon his inner man, his soul, to remmeber the "benefits" of the Lord. He wants his soul to remmeber the great things the Lord has done for it. The word "benefits" is an interesting word. It means "dealing"; but it comes from the same root word in Hebrew that is the root for "camel" as well. On the surface we might wonder about the connection between dealings and camels. Well, in ancient times camels were very important animals. A person's wealth and social standing was often measured in the amount of camels he possesed. Known as the ship of the desert, camels were also essential for carrying their passengers over great stretches of burning sand. They were very important. By the same token, the benefits of God give the child of God great spiritual wealth and great standing in the kingdom of God. Also, the benefits of God are what carry us safely through the scorched wilderness of this world. Praise the Lord for His benefits.

Read Psalm 103 sometime today and remember what you have in Jesus. It might be that you have forgotten a few things along the way. Let Him remind you of all you have in Him and praise His Name! He is worthy!

Standing in Amazement,
Alan Carr

April 21, 2005

The meeting finished well last evening. The folks at Pleasant Ridge were so gracious and kind. They are hungry for for the Word of God and they responded well at the end of every service. What a blessing it is to be among people who are not afraid to bow the knee before a holy God!

Well, I woke up this morning suffering from spring time allergies. My head and chest are full of junk. But, it is my birthday today (Thanks Mom and Dad)! Today is the fourteenth anniversary of my twenty-nineth birthday. So, the wife and I are going to head out this monring and get into something. I know of a great bookstore over here in Statesville, NC and I may just pay them a vist and try to help them empty their shelves a little.

I hope you have a great day today and that God gives you a precious nugget from His Word as you spend time in close communion with Him.

Because HE Lives,
Alan Carr

April 22, 2005

Not much going on in my world today. I plan to spend the bulk of the day putting the finishing touches on the message for Sunday AM. This evening, our family will travel to Fletcher, NC where Jesse, my son, is to preach tonight in their revival meeting. Please pray for Jesse. The Lord is using him in a mighty way.

My wife bought me sixteen of John Phillips' commentaries for my birthday; completing my set. Thanks Honey! I enjoy Dr. Phillips books. They are usually devotional in nature; but he often makes some wonderful and helpful comments. He is a blessed man of God and tremendous preacher. I have been privileged to hear him preach and he is a blessing. Though I hear that he has cut back on his speaking schedule to devote more time to writing. He wants to complete commentaries on the entire Bible before he goes to glory. I pray that God will give him that opportunity.

Well, got to get at it. If I don't get busy, I will never get anything accomplished. May the Lord bless each of you as you prepare your own heart for His worship and service.

Glory to HIS Name,
Alan Carr

April 25, 2005

I sure do hope you all had a great Lord's Day yesterday. We did! God met with us in both services. Yesterday morning, I took a fresh look at John 14:1-6. That is one great passage! I have reached from it on several occasions and have never exhausted its dpeth of meaning; nor has the freshmess of that precious passage worn away. I love how the Lord switches between the words "ye," speaking to the group, and "you," speaking to the individual. While Jesus certainly wanted to comfort their hearts as a whole; He also wanted to speak peace to each individual. What a Savior! Another thing I noticed in verse one of that passage was the phrase "believe also in me." The verb "believe" in in the present tense. Jesus istelling His people to "Keep on believing." When times get tough, keep on believing. When you grow weary in your journey, keep on believing. When it seems that Heaven is so far away, just keep on believing.

Well, I trust the Lord will help you to keep on believing through this great day. I have several visits to make today to the nursing homes in our area. It is a great privilege to spent time with our elderly and infirm folks. God bless you in all you do for Him today!

Until The Shout,
Alan Carr

April 27, 2005

I am sorry that I did not stop by to ramble yesterday. I had a full day. A Pastor friend from Gastonia, NC came over and we had lunch together. We spent the afternoon talking, praying and enjoying the blessings of the Lord. Last evening I went to revival meeting where my daughter and son-in-law attend. It was a good service.

I have spent the bulk of this day getting ready for the service tonight. I am preaching from 2 Chronicles where Rehoboam replaced the gold shield taken by Shishak and the Egyptians with brass (bronze) shields. I have titled my sermon Does God Have My Very Best? You can look at it by clicking on the title.

Men of God, it is my prayer that God will anoint you as you stand before His people tonight. I pray that He will bless you with His presence and fill you with His power so that you might be a mighty weapon in His awesome hand. What a Savior! And, what a privilege it is to be serving Him! Preach Him, fellows!

Because He Lives,
Alan Carr


April 28, 2005

Praise the Lord, it is another glorious day in my neighborhood. God is still good; I am still above ground and Jesus may come today! Well, we had a good service last night. I preached and the people responded; but I left the meeting feeling as though something was missing. Ever been there preachers? I don't understand things like that, but I am sure glad that God is sovereign and that HE is in control.

I want you to pray for one of our young girls today. She is ten and is going through some testing this morning. The doctors seem to think that she has some type of rare disease that affects the lining of the small intestines. Her name is Taylor and she needs your prayers. I will be spending the day with her and her family as she goes through her procedures.

I hope your day goes well and that the Lord gives you many opportunities to share Him, to love Him and to praise Him today. God bless all of you who visit The Sermon Notebook. I covet your prayers as I seek to do all the Lord has called me to do.

Firmly In HIS Grip,
Alan Carr

April 29, 2005

How are things in your world today? The Lord is good, isn't He? I am so gfrateful to be saved by the good grace of God! I remmeber that day, don't you? I was lost in sins and headed to Hell when the good grace of God quickened my heart and drew me to Himself in love. Oh thank God for grace!

I heard Dr. Emir Canner preach last night. He is a born again Muslim, and Dean of Southwest College at Southwestern Seminary. He preached a tremendous message from 1 Kings 18 on evangelism. His message was a challenge for the church to engage the culture. It helped me to understand that I must often be confrontational, as well as compassionate, when I would reach this world with the Gospel of grace.

are you folks getting things ready for Sunday? I pray the Lord will give you great liberty and insight into His Word. God bless you my brethren as you preach our Savior and King. Glory to God!

Still Standing,
Alan Carr

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