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Intro: The letter to the Phillipians stands out in Paul’s writings as a letter of gratitude. It seems that the Philippian believers had, time and again, reached out to Paul financially and spiritually. This letter is Paul’s effort to say "Thank you", to some people who are very special to him.

In these opening verses, Paul meditates on his relationship with the Philippian church. As he does, he notes some reasons why their fellowship has been close and why it has endured through the years. These characteristics seem to be evident in this congregation also and I felt it would be appropriate, on this our 10th anniversary, to mention them. Today, I would like to spend some time talking to you about The Ties That Bind.

This congregation was strong, and their relationship with Paul endured because they all shared some very important characteristics. Allow me to share with you what they shared with each other. Characteristics that I believe we also share today.



A. Salvation is the common need of all men – Rom. 3:23; 6:23. (Ill. Many do not see the need; Many do nothing about the need; Salvation is available for all who have the need!)

B. Salvation brings eternal life, John 10:28. It does more! It unites people of varied backgrounds, interests and desires into a unified body of believers. (Ill. Genuine salvation is the only hope for true peace in the church!) (Ill. There is a vast difference between those who are saved, and those who are lost!)

C. Salvation is the primary tie that binds in the church of God.


A. These believers, along with Paul, were true servants of God, and of one another. (Ill. Servant = Slave, one devoted to another to the disregard of one’s own interests.) This is the mark of genuine Christianity, a willingness to put others ahead of self – Phil. 2:4; Rom. 12:14; Rom. 14:19-22; Rom. 15:1)(Ill. Salvation is only the beginning! Ill. Eph. 2:10; James 2:18

B. Their servant’s spirit manifested itself in three ways.

1. v. 3-4 Mutual Care – Those who truly care, care for the needs of others – Gal. 6:2. Ill. This is displaying the true spirit of Christ – Isa. 53:4-6. (Ill.This is "Empathy" – The ability to experience as one’s own, the feelings ofanother!) True mutual care fostersgenuine love among the members of the body. People like knowing they are cared for!

2. v. 4 Mutual Prayer – There are times, when we cannot help bear a load physically, but we can be there for our brothers spiritually. While empathy is literally experiencing the need of another, sympathy is being able toshare their feelings. This is the force of Rom. 12:14. No where is this actof genuine love better portrayed than in a consistent prayer life, whichmakes supplication for the needs of others. Paul reminds the Philippiansthat he was in prayer for them constantly. Believers ought to pray for oneanother! (Ill. Moses on the mountain and Aaron and Hur – Ex. 17)

3. v. 7 Mutual Love – Here is the true key to successful fellowship. Love is he essential ingredient for success in the church. (Ill. We can do a lot ofthings, but to make a difference, we must have love – 1 Cor. 13:1-8.)Genuine Christian love always manifests itself in action one toward another– 1 John 3:18; James. 2:15-16. Love is a command and not an option –Matt. 22:39. Genuine love among brethren is a mark of true salvation – 1John 4:7; 20 – No love, no Jesus, but Know Jesus and know love! Wheretrue love is, other essential elements of fellowship will be found –Forgiveness, peace, joy, kindness, tenderness, meekness, blessing and acceptance. Gilead is marked by love!

4. v.11 Spiritual Activity – The Philippians possessed a desire to work for and bring honor to the Lord. This is a much needed attitude in our day. Thank God for those who have, and have had, a mind to work – Neh. 4:6!


A. Ill. Many congregations in that day were just playing church, (Ill. Corinth), but not the Philippians! They were sincere about what they were doing. Church wasn’t a social gathering, it was the Lord’s business and it meant something to them to be called a Christian. They were held together in a desire to serve the Lord.

B. Ill. Gilead Baptist Church is for real! Many have poured their lives into this congregation and it shows. (Ill. Average life span of a new work is less than 5 years. Many said we’d never make it, but we are here to stay!)

C. I wonder, are you as sincere about your commitment here as you need to be? (Ill. The Chicken and the Pig!) Sincerity and a genuine desire to see the Lord's work carried out is a necessary ingredient for continued success in this church! Wouldn’t today be a great day for every member of Gilead Baptist to get sincere about the work we have to do?

Conc: Paul and Philippi had a wonderfully close relationship because they shared some wonderful things. Those same characteristics they shared as just as needed today as they were then. Look at yourself and see where you stand today. Are you saved? Do you possess that servant spirit? Are you as sincere about the Lord’s work here as you could be? Today is a day of thanksgiving, but it is also a day of new beginnings. I challenge every one of us to strive together to make this church even greater in the coming days than she has been in the past, or is right now. Will you come this morning if the Lord has spoken to your heart? Let’s strengthen those ties that bind.


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