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David: A Man After God’s Own Heart – Sermon #22


2 Samuel 22:1-51


Intro: David has done it all! We have observed the journey of David’s life and we have seen him revealed to be a Shepherd, a Soldier, a Sovereign, a Singer and a Sinner. He has been known as “the son of Jesse, 1 Sam. 16:18; “David the King, 1 Chron. 17:16; “a man after God’ Own heart, Acts 13:22; “the Sweet Psalmist of Israel, 2 Sam. 23:1. But now David is nearing the end of his life.

The shadows are growing long for David and time has begun to takes its toll in the great king’s life. 2 Sam. 21:15-17 tell us that David went out to battle and was nearly killed by a Philistine giant. He was saved by his nephew and forbidden from going out to fight anymore. So, the days of battle have ended for King David. He knows that he is nearing the end of his earthly race.

Perhaps it was during those long days in the palace that David began to reflect back on a life lived for the Lord. David has achieved true greatness. He is a mighty king, ruling a great kingdom. His kingdom is at peace. God has given him victory over every enemy, v. 1. As David remembered where the Lord found him and all that the Lord had done for him, David took his pen in his hand and he began to write the words of this chapter. As you may know, 2 Sam. 22 is almost identical to Psalm 18. There are only a few words that are different in the two versions of this great song.

Some scholars believe that this was the last song written by David. If so, it is the song of his old age. It is a song of joy, victory and praise written at the close of a race well run. Reading this song is like reading all of David’s Psalms rolled into one. This is David’s Song of Songs!

As David writes about his own walk with the Lord, he gives us some insight into our walk with God as well. We are reminded of Who God is and of what He does for His children. Today, I would like to examine this great song. I would like for us to get a glimpse of a God Who is worthy of our praise; worthy of our worship and worthy of our songs. Let’s examine David’s Song Of Songs.



A. v. 2-3 He Sings Of A Personal Relationship Ten times in these two verses David uses the possessive personal pronouns my and me. He is talking about the relationship that he has with God and he lets us know that it is very personal! David did not just know about God; he knew God! He did not live on what others told him; he knew God for himself.

David’s use of “my and me puts me in mind of a small child. Children know all about my and me, it is one of the first things they learn to say. David, it seems, had a childlike love for the Lord. In fact, Psalm 18:1 adds this statement, “I will love thee, O LORD, my strength. The word “love in that verse means love deeply; have mercy, be compassionate. It was used of “a mother’s love for her baby.” It carries the idea of “fondling or hugging.” It is the image of a mother cuddling her newborn baby; holding it close with a heart of pure love. That is the kind of relationship David had with God. David is saying, “He is my God and I want to hold Him close to my heart!


(Note: Friend, do you have that kind of personal relationship with the Lord? It is not enough to know about Him; you have to know Him. It is not enough to know what others believe about Him; you have to know Him for your self. You have to humble yourself as a little child and cling to Him by faith, Mark 10:15. Do you have a personal relationship with God? Can you look at God and say “my and me with full assurance of faith? You need to be able to do that!)


B. v. 2-7 He Sings Of A Powerful Relationship David knows the Lord as his Savior and also as his Sanctuary. God is the place David runs to in times of trouble. He tells us that God our Stability (rock), our Shield (shield), our Safety (fortress), our Security (horn of salvation), our Supply (high tower), our Sanctuary (refuge), our Savior (savior). David is saying that the Lord is all he needs in a time of trouble. When trouble came, verses 5-7, David called on the Lord and God heard his cry and delivered him! There were many times in David’s life when the gates of the cities of men were closed off to him. There were times when he could not go into Jerusalem, nor could he run to the Tabernacle. But, even when the cities of earth were closed to him and offered no help or hope; the gates of Heaven, and even the very throne room of God was opened to his cry. When he lifted his cry to God, God heard him and moved in power to help him!


(Note: This is the kind of blessing all those who know the Lord enjoy! His ears are ever opened to our cry, Jer. 33:3; Isa. 65:24. He invites us to flee to Him in the hour of trouble, Matt. 11:28; 1 Pet. 5:7; Psa. 55:22. When we do, we will find him to be all David declared Him to be and more! He truly is “all we need!)

C. v. 8-20 He Sings Of A Profound Relationship David goes into great detail as he speaks of how God moved in power to defend him and to sustain him. He tells us that God worked in miraculous power, time and again, just to deliver David from those who wanted to destroy him. Why did God do this for David? Verse 20 tells us that God did it “because he delighted in David. The word “delighted means to take pleasure in. God blessed David, protected David and sustained David all because God loved him and took pleasure in their relationship. God seems to be saying, “David is my child. I love him and I want to bless just because I can! And, I’ll do whatever I have to do to protect him and provide for him! That is a profound relationship!


(Note: All those who know God enjoy the same relationship! God will move heaven and earth to meet the need of His child! Ill. This can be seen many times in the Bible: Elijah and the widow; the Three Hebrew boys; the 5,000; the Disciples on that boat, etc.

Here is His promise to us: Luke 12:32; Matt. 6:25-34. The thought that the God of the universe would condescend to bless us, just because He takes pleasure in us, is a thought too profound for the mind to grasp! Imagine God taking pleasure in us! Imagine God working on our behalf; moving mountains; meeting needs; working things out; just because we delight Him! That is something worth singing about! It is something worth shouting about too!)



(Ill. Not only did David know God is a saving relationship; he also knew Him in a sustaining relationship. God had delivered his soul from death, and He had delivered David from harm and danger on many occasions.)

A. v. 21-28 Through Times Of Temptation David tells us that God had enabled him to remain true to the Lord and to keep his Word. Now, David is not declaring that he had never sinned. We know better! David had sinned and he had done so in a terrible fashion. He was guilty of adultery, murder and deception. David is referring to “imputed righteousness. David believed in the Lord by faith and accepted him on that basis. When others had strayed away from the right path, David had continued to walk in the ways of the Lord.

B. v. 29 Through Times Of Testing There were many times when David did not which way to turn in life. In those times, God had been his guiding light. God had revealed the next step in the path time and time again. (Il. He has given us His Word, Psa. 119:105, and His Spirit, John 16:13, to do the same for us!)

C. v. 30 Through Times Of Trials God had enabled David to enjoy victory over every enemy. David had been able to achieve the impossible time and time again because God had sustained him through every test. Whether it was a lion, bear or giant, king, soldier or son God had allowed David to experience victory over every obstacle he faced in his life.


(Note: The saints of God enjoy the same kind of relationship with our Father. In times of temptation, He gives us strength to overcome, 1 Cor. 10:13, Eph. 6:12-13. In times of testing and trials, He supports us with His presence, Heb. 13:5; Matt. 28:20. He sustains us with His power, Eph. 3:20. He supplies us with His promises, Phil. 4:19; Psalm 55:22. Thank God He is a God Who sustains His people! That ought to fill our hearts with songs of praise!)



(Ill. David’s life had been one of warfare and conflict. But, through all the battles and the problems, God had sustained him and strengthened him. David sings about the God Who strengthens.)

A. v. 31-34 God Had Protected Him David declares the Lord to be his strength and his source of power, v. 33. The Lord had guarded him, v. 31 and God had enabled him to flee from danger like the deer, v. 34. God had been his rock and had lifted him out of every battle.

B. v. 35-37 God Had Prepared Him The Lord had taught David the art of war. God had instructed David in the tactics necessary for victory. The lessons had served David well, and even in the heat of battle, David had stood firm.

C. v. 38-49 God Had Promoted Him God had taken David from obscurity and had elevated him over the nation of Israel. God had even elevated David far above all his opponents. Every enemy had been place under David’s feet and he had walked in absolute victory over all his foes.


(Note: David enjoyed what we all long for: absolute victory! I would just like to remind us that the same God that strengthened David is the same God Who has promised to strengthen us, Psa. 55:22; Psa. 121:1-8! He is our Protector, John 10:28-29; 1 Pet. 1:5. He is our Preparer, Psa. 32:8; John 16:13. He is our Promoter, He has promised us the victory, 2 Cor. 2:14; Rom. 8:31, 37; 1 Cor. 15:57. Regardless of what you face, know that God is always leading you toward victory in your life and one day, He will allow you to sing the same song of praise the David offered in verse 47. Your path may lead you through weakness and seeming defeat; but it is still the pathway to victory, if it is the pathway of the Lord, Ill. Paul – 2 Cor. 12:7-11.)



(Ill. As David closes his song of songs, he takes a moment to look back, to look around and to look ahead. He sings finally of the God Who secures.)

A. v. 50 Security Is A Past Arrangement The word Therefore calls the mind backward. David examines the landscape of all the years that have passed in his life. As he does, he sees the clear hand of God as God led him, kept him and blessed him. David sees that his past has been a time of absolute security!


(Note: It would do us all good if we were to take just a minute to look back. Look back to where you were when He found you. Look back to how He saved you and changed your life. Remember His power, His blessings and His miracles that have been showered over you down through the years. Remember how He has delighted in you, v. 20. How He has strengthened and sustained you on many occasions. Remember His security in days gone by and praise His name!)


B. v. 50-51 Security Is A Present Asset As David looks around He sees the hand of God still working in his life. He was secured by God’s power in the past and knows that God still has the king safely in his hand. Regardless of what he day may bring, David knows that he is safe in God’s “tower of salvation. The past has been a showcase for God’s power in David’s life, but he also knows that regardless of what today may bring, God will keep His child safe and secure!


(Note: That same blessed assurance belongs to us as well. Regardless of what the day may bring into your life or mine, we can rest assured that He will secure us in the present, Rom. 8:28; 2 Cor. 4:15-17. Thank God, we are the partakers of His divine providence as we move through all the valleys, trials and burdens of our lives. God works in our present, just as He has in our past. Whatever comes our way is part of His plan and is a product of His love and blessing upon our lives.)

C. v. 52 Security Is A Permanent Assurance David looked back, he looked around and he looked ahead. When he looked to the future, he saw God working in his life out into eternity. David knew that God would secure his future just as surely as He had secured his past and his present.


(Note: We have that same hope! God did not just work yesterday and He is not just working today. He is also working in our futures. In fact, no matter what time or eternity brings into view, the saints of God are secure in their relationship to the Lord. This is the clear teaching of the Word of God, Rom. 8:28-20; 35-39. When we entered into a relationship with Him, it was for all eternity. We are secure in Jesus, 1 Pet. 1:5; John 6:37-40. What a blessing and what a hope. No mater what comes our way, we are in a permanent arrangement with the God of glory!)


Conc: No wonder David burst into song! His life had been blessed and graced by Almighty God since the day God called him from following the sheep. God had saved him, secured him, strengthened him and secured him. The least David could do was praise the Lord in return. It is a fitting song designed to thank God for His wonderful blessings.

When we stop to think about it, this is a song we should all be singing. If we are saved by God’s grace, we enjoy the same blessings and benefits that were enjoyed by King David. We have more than enough reason to praise God today and forever. Let’s get about the business of doing it!

Now, it may be that you are not saved. If not, you can come to Jesus today and He will save you and begin to demonstrate His power and blessing in your life. If you are in a difficult situation and need the Lord’s intervention, you can call on Him by faith and begin to see Him work in your need today. Maybe you would just like to bow before Him in humble praise, worship and adoration for all that He has done, is doing and will do in your life. If there are needs, this altar, and the throne room of the Lord, are open.

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