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No claims of absolute originality are made for this material. As one man said, "I milk a lot of cows, but I churn my own butter." Please use these sermons as the Lord leads, but nothing on this site may be used for profit without my expressed, written permission!





Intro: A young man was learning to be a paratrooper. Before his first jump, he was given these instructions: “Jump when you are told. Count to ten and pull the rip cord. In the unlikely event your parachute doesn't open, pull the emergency rip cord. When you get down, a truck will be there to take you back to the base.”

        The young man memorized these instructions and climbed aboard the plane. The plane climbed to ten thousand feet and the paratroopers began to jump. When the young man was told to jump, he jumped. He then counted to ten and pulled the rip cord. Nothing happened. His chute failed to open. So he pulled the emergency rip cord. Still, nothing happened. No parachute.

        “Oh great,” said the young man. “And I suppose the truck won't be there when I get down either!”

        That is the kind of place in which the nation of Israel found itself. They had been in Egypt for 400 years. They entered the country in favor, but the winds of adversity began to blow and Israel found themselves slaves to the Egyptians. Under their cruel taskmasters they endured intense suffering and affliction. In their trouble, the people cried out to the Lord, Ex. 2:23-25. God heard their cries and raised up an unlikely deliverer. God sent Moses, an 80 year old fugitive from the law to lead Israel out of Egypt.

        Moses arrives in Egypt and confronts Pharaoh. He demands the release of the people of God, Ex. 5:1-5. Pharaoh refuses Moses’ demands and makes the burden on the people even greater than it had been before, Ex. 5:6-23. Israel is burdened to the point of breaking. They turn on Moses and Moses turns to the Lord. When he does, God gives him some words of Heavenly comfort for the people of Israel.

        It may be that some here are burdened in your own life. Ill. Chutes are not opening and trucks are missing. If you are, I believe these great words to Israel can give you some hope as well. I want to preach on the thought: Heavenly Hope For Heavy Hearts. I want you to know that God cares about all you face in life. He cares and this passage points out some of the areas of our lives that He cares about. I trust that you will get the help you need today. (Ill. God Cares…)


(Ill. Israel is under both burdens and bondage. There is a difference!)

A.  He Cares About Your Burdens – Ill. Israel’s burdens. Burdens are those things that trouble us; our worries, our concerns, our problems. We all have burdens.

B.  He Cares About Your Bondage – Ill. Israel’s bondage. Bondage is those things that control us, whether it is people, substances, sins, or attitudes.

(Ill. God cares about you and about all the things that burden you and bind you in your life! Ill. 1 Pet. 5:7 – The word “cares” refers to our “anxieties and worries”. It speaks of the things which “burden” us. We are invites to “cast” them onto the Lord. The word “cast” means “to throw”. It is a verb and is in a tense that suggests “a once for all casting”. We are invited to throw, once for all, our worries onto the Lord because He “cares” for us. This word means “to take an interest in”. It is also a verb and it is in a tense that suggests “constant, unending concern and interest.” In other words, the Lord cares about what affects you, Heb. 4:15-16.

        Learn to cast your cares on Him, Phil. 4:6-7! He can lift your burdens, Matt. 11:28. He can break your bonds, John 8:36.)


(Ill. God promises Israel that He will bring them out and redeem them. He redeemed Israel with the blood of the lamb, Ex. 12. He delivered us with the blood of His Darling Son, Heb. 10:10-14.)

A.  He Delivers You From Your Sins – (Ill. Israel had slipped into sin.) Our greatest problem is our sin problem. That problem is solved in Jesus. Faith in Him provides perfect, eternal cleansing from our sin, Col. 2:13-14; 1 John 1:7. He can even give us power over the besetting sins that hinder our walk day by day, Rom. 6:11-18.

B.  He Delivers You From Your Slavery – We can be a slave to sin, but other things can enslave us too. We can be enslaved by our burdens. Jesus knows how to deliver you from the things that would hold you captive. Ill. Just as He opened the prison doors for Peter, Acts 12; He can open the bars of worry and affliction and set you free. Ill. Even if He doesn’t let you out, He can make you free in your situation, Ill. 3 Hebrews; Daniel; Heb. 13:5.


(Ill. God would use the afflictions Israel faced to bring them closer to Him. They would see His power, experience His peace, and know His presence. He would use our trials to draw us closer to Him too.)

A.  He Provides Personal Fellowship – God desires intimacy with His people. The trials of life are designed to drive us into His arms. He isn’t trying to hurt you; He is trying to develop you. Great faith is shaped on the anvil of affliction. He is trying to teach you about His presence, His power and His peace. (Ill. How will you ever know that He can unless He has to?)

B.  He Provides Powerful Fellowship – God would leave no doubt in their minds that He was their God and that He was working on their behalf. The many miracles would remove all doubt about His presence with His people. (Ill. The miracles we have all seen in our lives. Ill. Jack R.)


(Ill. God’s promises to Israel were not limited to their deliverance from Egypt. He made them some great promises regarding their future. He has made some great promises to us concerning our futures as well.)

A.  He Has Promised Your Future – Ill. His promise to Israel – Deut. 6:23. We have the same promise! He brought us out of death and sin so that we might enter into His Heaven some day, Eph. 2:1-10.

B.  He Has Prepared Your Future – The Lord promised the land to the Patriarchs. The land was prepared for Israel’s arrival. He has prepared a place for us called Heave, John 14:1-3; Rev. 21:1-22:5.

C.  He Has Preserved Your Future – Even While the Canaanite lived in the land it belonged to Israel. When they arrived, they would take possession of all the Lord had prepared for them. There are no Canaanites in Heaven, but that land is being preserved for us just the same, 1 Pet. 1:4; Matt. 6:19-20.

Conc: God cares about you today. He cares more about you than you do. Just as He moved for ancient Israel, He will move for you. God told Moses that He would Move In Power, v. 1; Reveal His Person, v. 2-3; and Keep His Promises, v. 4-5. He will do the same for you and me!

        Are there some things that have you burdened down? Cast them on Him! Are there some things that have you bound? Look to the Lord and He will set you free.

        Church, He cares about you and about all you face in life. If there are needs, get them to Him and get the help you need today!

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