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No claims of absolute originality are made for this material. As one man said, "I milk a lot of cows, but I churn my own butter." Please use these sermons as the Lord leads, but nothing on this site may be used for profit without my expressed, written permission!




Rev. 1:1-8                        THE UNVEILING OF REVELATION

Intro:  Why study this book?  Several reasons!  Satan hates it; It applies to our day;  

God will bless the study of it, we need to hear it, we are commanded to preach the 

whole council of the word and Revelation is a part of it.  Some people believe that we 

are not supposed to mess with this book.  They declare that it cannot be understood.  

Well, it is the Spirit's job and not man's to ensure that the Word is understood.  

The title of the book is found in verse 1.  THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST.  

It is given to reveal unto us the purposes, the person and the plans of the Lord Jesus.  

Instead of these things being hidden as some say, even the name Revelation means 

"an unveiling."  We can understand the book and we can learn much from it.  Let's 

take some time tonight and study the first 8 verses of Revelation.  Notice:

  I. v.1-4                        THE UNVEILING OF HIS PURPOSE

    A.  v.1a-b  The Significance of the Book - (An Unveiling - Ill. Statue)

	1. v.1a  The Person Of Christ Unveiled - Jesus is reveaed in all of his glory.

	2. v.1b  The Purpose Of God Unveiled - To reveal what will shortly happen.

    B.  v.1c - 2  The Signature of the Book

        1. v.1c  The Marvelous Way He received This Relevation - Ill. Signified;

            Lamps =  assemblies; Stars = angels; incense = prayer, etc.) (Ill. All of the 	    

            symbols are explained in this book or elsewhere in the Bible) (Ill. Words  change = 

            Symbols do not!)

        2. v.2  The Meticulous Way He Recorded this Revelation - He recorded what 	 

	    he was  commanded, not contradicting, but building on the testimony of 	


    C. v.3  The Singularity of the Book - It stands alone in Scripture.

	1.  Embodies A Special Promise - A three fold blessing - (Ill. Rev. 22:14; 18-19)

	2.  Embraces A Special Period - Ill. These are the last days - Ill. Israel - Mt. 

	     24:32-34.    (It reveals events relates to our days!)

Benediction - In verses 4-5 John begins to address the seven churches of Asia 

Minor.  He tells them of two things:

1.  Grace - That God's mercy is available to all, and that He will see His people through.

2.  Peace - That even in the midst of turmoil, He is still the Prince of Peace.

 He also reveals who this message is from:

1.  God the Father - Ex. 3:14  

2.  God the Spirit - In the plentitude of His power (Ill.        

      First of many sevens!) (Ill. Stars, churches, lampstands, 7 times 7, etc.)

3.  God the Son - Adonay Yeshua Meshach

 II. v.5-6                            THE UNVEILING OF HIS PERSON

    A. v.5  The Threefold Ministry Of Jesus

	1. His Prophetic Ministry - Faithful Witness  He witnesses to:  

            a.  The Nature of Sin  

            b.  The Necessity if Righteousness  

            c.  The Nearness of Judgment

            d.  The News of salvation  (Ill. Isa. 55:4; John 18:37)

	2. His Priestly Ministry - First Begotton from the dead)

	    a. The offerer of the perfect sacrifice - His pure Blood, and the intercessor 	      

                for men's souls, Heb. 5:6; 7:25.

	    b. The first to rise to die no more, the promise of more to come - 1Co.15:3-

	        23 (Ill. First Begotton = Protokos - The prototype of what is to follow!!)

    	3. His Prospective Ministry - Ultimately, He will be ruler of Heaven and earth 

	    - 1 Tim. 6:15

    B. v.5b-6  The Threefold Reason For Praise (John's Doxology)

      	1. v.5b  He Loves Us - (Present tense)  a. Personal love - John 3:16  b.  	 

	    Everlasting Love, Jer. 31:3

	2. v.5b  He Loosed Us - (Past tense) (Ill. Washed = Louo - Dual Trans)	

  	   a. He Washed Us From Sins Stains - 1 John 1:7 - Total cleansing - 	 	


	   b. He Loosed Us From Sins Chains - Rom. 6:6-7

	   c. He Freed Us From Sins Claims - Rom. 6:23

	3. v.6  He Lifted Us

	   a.  Kings - Reign with the Lord Jesus - 2 Tim. 2:12

	   b.  Priests - Need no other stand in.  We have direct access to the Holy of 	 

	        Holies.Heb. 10:19.  

	(Ill. He is worthy to be praised.  Ill. Dominion will be returned to him some 

              day very soon!)

III. v.7-8                      THE UNVEILING OF HIS PLAN

    A. v.7a  An Immediate Plan - To return in glory - Zech. 13:6 (Ill. Second 

         Coming is in 2 parts  -Rapture and Glory

    B. v.7b  An Ultimate Plan - To Rule over all - Heb. 10:12-13

    C. v.8  The Key To His Plan - (All revolves around who He is!)

	1. The Alphabet of God - (Ill. Who He REALLY is!)

	2.  The Almighty - (Ill. History is...His Story!) (Ill. Is, Was, Is to come!)

Conclusion:  These are very exciting days to be alive and especially to be a 

Christian.  Prepare yourselves to be leaving this world soon!  In the meantime, there 

are lost people all around who need the message, invite them to these studies and 

tell them of the Lord.  The time is short, Satan is working and God's people need to 

be also!!


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