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No claims of absolute originality are made for this material. As one man said, "I milk a lot of cows, but I churn my own butter." Please use these sermons as the Lord leads, but nothing on this site may be used for profit without my expressed, written permission!




Rev. 11:1-14               THE TWO WITNESSES

Intro:  God always has His witnesses!  Even in this time of great wickedness and 

absolute rebellion against God, He has His witnesses in this sin cursed world.  Ill. The 

goal of this chapter and the entire book of Revelation, is to give glory to and to exalt 

the blessed Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  This is possibly the most difficult chapter 

in this book.  It is simply so deep that we could literally spend hours explaining all the 

twist and turns that are available here.  Howver, we will try to get the gist of the 

passage and glean some truth from it.  Please notice that the events described here 

probably take place within the first 3 1/2 years of the Tribulation.  Anti-Christ has 

established world-wide peace, a world religion, world economy and a seven year 

contract with the nation of Israel.  Letís notice the events of this awful period.

  I.  v.1-2          THE TEMPLE WORSHIP (Ill. The wonder!  Men wil build a 

temple to worship and sacrifice to a God who has already accomplished all things)

(Ill. 3 Ttemples in the Word of God - 1.  Solomonís Temple - Destroyed 583 BC by 

Nebuchadnezzar;  2.  Zerubabbelís Temple - Destroyed 168 BC by Antiochus 

Ephiphanes; Herodís Temple - Destroyed 70 Ad by Titus the Roman.)  (Now, the 

Temple is the church of believers - Eph. 2:21; 1 Cor. 6:19)  There are two temples in 

the future - The Millinial Temple - Eze. 40-44; and the Tribulation Temple.  The Jews 

will rebuild their temple!  They are already beginning the processes that will make 

this possible.  As we study this passage, keep 2 things in mind, 1.  We are on Jewish 

ground;  2.  This discusses a future temple.

    A.  v.2b  The City Mentioned - Holy Cuty - Jerusalem, (Ill. Moslem, Christian, 


	1.  The Jews Must Return To Their Homeland - (Ill. Ridiculed) Fulfilled in 


	2.  The Temple Must Be Rebuilt - (Ill. Ridiculed)  Ill. The difficulties involved.

    B.  v.2c  The Chronology Mentioned - 3 1/2 years. v.2, 3, 12:6 ,12:14  (Ill. 

	Daniels prophecy concerning Antichrist, Dan. 8:10.  He will allow the temple to be 

	rebuilt,but after 3 1/2 years, he wil set himself up as God to be worshipped - 2 Thes. 2:4

    C.  v.1a-2a  The Chastisement Mentioned - Ill. Rod is a type of judgment!  This 

	temple is under judgment from God!  Why?  It rejects the ultimate sacrifice of 

	Jesus upon the cross and substitutes the sacrifices of men!

	1.  A part is given to the gentiles.  They will be the instruments of judgment - 


 II. v.3-12              THE TWO WITNESSES (Ill. The church is gone, but God 

	still has His men!)

    A.  v.3-6  The Inauguration of Their Ministry - 

	1.  v.3 They are real people

	2.  v.3 Sackcloth - Mourning - Preaching Misery - No message of hope and 	  


	3.   v.3 Preach - Probably preach Jesus as the fulfilment of Holy Scripture.

	4.   v.4 Olive trees, Candlesticks - Spirit and Light.  They will minister in the 

	   	      power of Godís Spirit preaching His Light.  (Ill. Zech 4:3 ,14)	

	5.  v.5  They are Unstoppable - Power to devour enemies with fire, stop the rain,

	     and send plagues., turn the water to blood.

	6.  Who are they?  Several guesses!

	   a.  Elijah - Mal. 4:5, Ill. Elijah never died.  Ill. Elijahs power.  (Ill. A lone 

		voice  in his generation)

	   b.  Moses - Moses mentioned in Mal. 4:5 with Elijah.  Moses seen with Elijah 

		in Matthew 17 on Mt of Transfiguration.  The miracles and plagues were 

	 	preformed by Moses. (A lone voice!)

   	   c.  Enoch - He too was alone voice for God.  He never died, and all must die - 

	        Heb. 9:27

	7.  It doensít really matter!  What matters is that God has always got His man.  

	     Ill Noah.  

    B.  v.7-10  The Completion Of their Ministry

    	1.  v.7  Killed by the beast - Rev. 13:1.  If you are in Godís will, nothing can 

	     harm you.

	2.  v.8  Their bodies lie unburied in the street for 3 1/2 days in the city of Vice, 

	     Vanity and Violence.  Jerusalem!

	3.  v.9  Ill. Ridiculed until the advent of TV.  Ill. this will feed the drug induced,

	     godless, wickedness of the day.

	4.  v.10  The earth Dwellers will throw a party.  The Devils Christmas.  Why?

	     Their preaching troubled the sinners!  Ill. The preaching of the Word brings 

	     torment and conviction.  It bugs people!  People do not like to be faced with 

	     their sin!  People hate it now, they will definately hate it then!

    C.  v.11-12  The Vindication Of Their Ministry

	1.  They are raised from the dead.

	2.  God then reenacts the rapture.  He shows a godless world what they missed!

	     (Ill. God will vindicate His people - Ill. Death and Resurrection!0

III.  v.13-14                 A TERRIBLE WOE

    A.  Earthquake - tenth part of Jerusalem falls

    B.  7,000 notable men die - Ill. Seven number of perfection, God shows who is still

	in control.

    C.  The remanant must admit that this is the work of God.  (Ill. This will stick in 

	Antichrists craw!)  (Ill. Jail house and death bed salvation!)  The kind that will 

	save you and take you to Heaven is the kind that comes from conviction and 


    D.  The second woe is past, but a worse on is coming!



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